Jupiter Funk – Free Download

karim sahraoui www.karimsahraoui.com electronic music artist with the spirit of our lord jesus-christ

Karim Sahraoui has been quiet prolific these days with some amazing projects under the banners of Transmat & Cocoon.
Now we welcome you this deep and emotional track that was previously about to go under Transmat.


Artists: Karim Sahraoui
Title: Jupiter Funk
Release: MRKS-007
Release Medium: Digital
Release Date: November 23rd, 2015

Ian O’Donovan: Beautiful as always! Thanks for the music!
Funk D Void: amazing!
Rocco Rodamaal: Nice journey into deep House from Detroit sound!
Nuno Dos Santos: Lovely deepness!!
Justin Berkovi: Lovely music thank you!!
Dast: No words, beautiful!
I-Robots:I-Robots approved!