Puit De Lumière out now on MIRAKLES Music – Free Download

karim sahraoui www.karimsahraoui.com electronic music artist with the spirit of our lord jesus-christ

Artists: Karim Sahraoui & Taho
Written by: K.Sahraoui & D.Jacopin
Title: Puit De Lumière
Release: MRKS-002
Release Medium: Digital
Release Date: Mar 9th, 2015

We are very pleased to announce this unexpected collaboration between these two accomplished artists.
The spiritual approach of this piece is felt on his deep and trippy sounds. It is a perfect piece to take you in a journey!


« Ah ! C’est beau ! Bravo les mecs, superbe morceau !!! »
Fabrice Lig (Planet E) BE
« deeeep,love it!»
Satoshi Fumi (Yoshitoshi / Plastic City) JP
« Really beautiful production. Super deep and so well put together! great »
Chymera (Cocoon / Be As One) IR
« cool will try thanks »
Stacey Pullen (Crosstown Rebels / Blackflag) US
« More tasty deepness. Me like :) »
Ooft (L.E.S.S. Productions, Instruments Of Rapture) UK
« Thanks! Will let you know if supporting. »
Dave Angel (Rotation) UK
« Beautiful track! »
Triumph (Espaï) SP
« Sweetness! Looove it! »
Nuno dos Santos (kollectiv) NL
«lovely deep! »
Nicko Izzo (Terrrazza) SP
«Très beau, merci! »
Oniris (Bedrock, Flow, Manual, Astropolis) FR
«Cristal clear deepnessssss!!! Support! »
Kid Culture (Remote Area / Sincopat/Suara) NL
«Trippin’ deepness ..Well done guys !! »
Master H (Komplex De Deep)
«Legit deep ! »
Chris Udoh (Tigerhook, DERADIO.CA)
«Beautiful !! Thanks guys !! »
DJ JEE (Technorama) (Tsugi)
«Definitly my kind of stuff! Food4Soul :)»
Ben Men (BTRAX)
«Great textures, deep, energetic. I can really year both personalities in this track, complimenting each other nicely.»
Louis Haiman (Fwdthought, Stasis, Transmat)
«Beautiful stuff! Will be playing. Thnx»
Ian O’Donovan (KMS, Bedrock, Bio, Virgin)
«Lovin the Atmofear in this track !Support !»
«excellent mellow track, as expected from mr. Karim.thanks!»
Angel Molina