The Chase remix on Espai Music

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Artist: Yann Lean
Title: The Chase
Release Medium: Digital
Release Date: June 8th, 2015

Yann returns with ‘The Chase’, completing the brace of originals within the EP. The track again showcases the artist’s ability to provide conventional dancefloor tracks fused with unique elements and groove. A vocal loop which can be most suitably described as Tuvan and ‘throaty’ in nature, pegs an irresistable stamp on the piece and is surrounded by solid drums and a uber-funky bassline.

The aptly named ‘Detroit Vision’ mix by Transmat’s Karim Sahraoui completes the package. As suggested, the track is drenched in Detroit flavour. Rolling techno rhythms bubble amidst a plethora of uplifting strings and trippy melodics, delivering more choice still for those looking for an alternative avenue within the broadly flavoured EP.