When A Bird Flies – Free Download

Karim Sahraoui www.karimsahraoui.com Electronic Music Artist with the spirit of our Lord Jesus-Christ

Artists: Karim Sahraoui & Hiroshi Watanabe
Written by: K.Sahraoui & H.Watanabe
Title: When A Bird Flies
Release: MRKS-003
Release Medium: Digital
Release Date: April 13th, 2015

We are really pleased to share with you our third release!
Hiroshi and I have set up this collaboration back in 2014 during our meeting in Paris.
This song has some profound atmospheres that will bring positive emotions on the dance floor!
This collaboration was very revealing for us and we might renew the experience!


« Lovely piece, I really like the way it builds and gets emotional towards the end»
François Kevorkian (Wave Music)
« downloaded for maceo plex / maetrik, thanks for the music! »
Maceo Plex (ELLUM Audio )
« Deep ! Melodic. Soulful. Nice track ! »
Fabrice Lig (Planet E) BE
« classic style from the guys »
Nick Warren (Hope Recordings, Way Out West)
« beautifull music from 2 super fine artists..  »
Maarten Mittendorff
« thanks for the music »
Anderson Noise (Sleaze, Eukatech)
« Great collab and very beautifull track, support!! »
Oniris (Bedrock, Flow, Manual, Astropolis)
« Nice track ! »
Tevatron (Metrohm-rec.com)
« love it! »
Dimitri Kneppers (Planet E)
« Downloaded for Steve Lawler, thanks. »
Steve Lawler (VIVa MUSiC / VIVa Limited)
«2 great producers on one track. whats not to like.»
Vince Watson (Bio)
« Deep and dark like that track a lot thanxx!»
Master H (Komplex De Deep)
« Ambassador Sahraoui, with these jams you’re really spoiling us»
Chymera (Cocoon / Be As One)

« Really diggin this one, proper uplifting vibe yet shaded by the cold dubby synth. No need to have a b-side when a-side does the job this way.. Mirakles on fire!! ;)»
Romain Lantheaume (Goldmin) FR
«Beautiful ! Loving it.»
Nacho Marco (Ovum, Loudeast)
«Another Beautiful track !! Big Ups !!»
Chris Udoh (Tigerhook, DERADIO.CA)
«elevating track!!! :)»
«Nice work/ collaboration. CONGRATS. Nice evolving track, lush and uplifting. :)»
Louis Haiman (Fwdthought, Stasis, Transmat)
«Another beautiful Mirakles release! Thx»
Triumph (Espai)
«Thanks, Nice work »
Samoil Radinski (Logos)
«Magic touch by Karim, as usual.»
Luca Ballerini (Cocoon/Innervisions)
«Lush sound, beautiful track! Thnx!»
Ian O’Donovan (KMS, Bedrock, Bio, Virgin)
«Awesome track!! Feel like a bird :)»
Ben Men (BTRAX)
«full support !!! :) thx!»
Jules Wells (KMS/Motech)
«These 2 guys have always been doing amazing music. Big fan»
Steve Mill (Madhouse/Large)